Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is some of the most popular questions from our visitors do

Need to add my student to our family’s car insurance policy while they are practicing with a provisional learner’s permit?

The requirements for ensuring student drivers will vary depending on what type of insurance you have availed. We advise you to get in touch with your insurance agent to know the specific requirements.

How many times will my student drive with your instructors?

This will depend on what type of package you are currently enrolled in. Usually, we divide the 6 hours training package into 1 hour daily lessons.

How often will my student have lessons?

We will schedule the First lesson when the student gets his permit. The rest will depend on the student’s schedule which could take around 7 days to 2 month period.

What kind of vehicle will my student be driving during lessons?

The students will be driving a vehicle with dual controls. Vehicles are inspected daily before the start of the lesson to ensure the students safety.

Will other students be in the car with my child?

The only person that is permitted in the car is the instructor and the student. We only provide one on one lessons.